April 30, 2011

I had fun with Daddy

This morning my Daddy and I did all of my favorite Saturday morning things- ON THE SAME DAY! Mommy had a party for her friend Heidi, so I gave her a kiss goodbye and told her to have fun when Daddy and I left.

First we went to Krispy Kreme. I can tell you what we order without asking an adult- doughnuts on Saturday morning is a special treat! I eat doughnut holes, Daddy eats a kolache, and Mommy likes the sugar doughnuts. Today, I ate my holes and Daddy brought a healthy breakfast.
After doughnuts, we went to storytime and I got to see my friend Eva. It was a special day- they had dancers in the prettiest dresses. I tried to dance like them, too! Ms. Kit, who teaches storytime, thought I was pretty cute. Mommy, can you buy me a pretty dress, too?
After story time, Daddy and I went to the gym so that he could work out. I like when he goes to the gym because I get to see Sarah. She works in the kids area and is my favorite. I brought her a birthday card and a flower from story time. I know all of the names of the people that work at the gym. They know my name, too.

After Daddy worked out, we went to Chick-fil-A and I got to eat lunch with Daddy and play on the playground. I still won't do the big slide yet. I will when I'm a big girl.

It was a fun morning, but I'm tired. So, I'm off to read a few books and take a nap.

Bye bye!

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