April 15, 2011

Camp Nana

I don't think Abby Lu has missed us at all this week and we are so grateful for that! My Mom has spent the week with her and they've done fun things, but also kept Abby on her schedule! Our friends emailed us this picture from storytime Saturday morning. Little did they know it was Abby's first time outside of the house in p*nties!
We've talked to her 2-3 times per day and gotten daily reports! She has been a rock star on the potty, slept like she should, and had a few extra days out of school to play and shop with Nana. She tells us "have fun" and "see you Sunday" and has not once cried or complained about us being gone!

A huge thank you to Nana for taking such great care of Abby so that we could have a relaxing and wonderful vacation without worrying about her.

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