April 30, 2012

Build A Bear

 We went to Build A Bear Saturday afternoon for our friend Hannah's birthday party. She is in the front row, with the rainbow bear and peach ruffled skirt. We go to church with Hannah and were in dance with her this past Fall and Winter. Abby calls her Hannah Banana only :)

We had never been, beacuse it changes the mall for you! Every time we go by there it will be, "I want a bear. I need a new outfit." The time has come! She was able to pick any bear she wanted and selected the least expensive bear- hooray for that!

I was so excited she didn't freak out when we stuffed the bear. It was loud and different and she did great!

She named her bear Hannah Banana, then Leah, then Charlie, and today she has been called Abigayle. I did spend a little money to get her bear an outfit. She was adamant that she have rain boots, so we tried to work an outfit around that. :)

Happy Birthday Hannah Banana!

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