April 09, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt x 40

We hosted an Easter egg hunt for lots of little friends.... I think we had about 40 people over on Good Friday for brunch and egg hunting. It was super simple- every kid brought a dozen filled eggs and food to share with the group.

We all visited and ate brunch before I read an Easter story while the Dads hit eggs. It was some of the best food- quiche, veggie and fruit trays, doughnuts, pigs in a blanket, banana nut bread, cookies. All of it was wonderful!

We gave the toddlers a head start and then the big kids went to town on the backyard! It was fun to see their excitement!

It was nice out so most people sat outside afterward and helped the kids open their eggs and inspect their goods.

My sweet child didn't get many eggs because as soon as she opened one with candy she came looking for me to open it. Hilarious!

Hosting her friends was obviously tough for her :)

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