April 08, 2012

Easter Goodies

Abby Lu has a basket full of goodies awaiting her in the morning. I have been buying random things over the last month to fill her basket and none of it is candy!

I ended up buying her three activity books- oops! One is school-like and focuses on letters and numbers, another is Bible stories, and another is coloring with Max and Ruby, a show she likes to watch.

We also bought her a Little Miss Sunshine t-shirt online. She LOVES that book and I know she'll love her new shirt. Whenever she is in trouble and is putting on a smile afterward, she'll laugh and tell me she is in laughterland and wants to come out and play, referencing the book!

We also bought stickers, pencils, glow sticks and a loofah for the bath. The loofah will be fun!

She has had her eye on this plate forever! She is going to be excited!

And, Abby got a little something special in the mail yesterday- an Easter present from Granpa and Jaja. Her little purple mailbox was stuffed with a chick, cookie and treats. She was super excited! Thank you G&J!

Among all the fun of Easter, we have also worked with Abby on the real meaning. She told me earlier in the week that the Easter bunny rose on Sunday. Oops! So, we have talked a lot about Jesus this weekend and what Easter means. She understands and even asked me why the guys were so mean to Him and where He lives now. Check out our cooking lesson on the birdie blog... an awesome visual about Easter.

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