April 18, 2012

More LA Vacation Pics

We did so many fun things on our vacation- I am almost done sharing fun times from our trip!

On Sunday afternoon, Katy and Ike and Marcus and I went to Venice Beach. There are lots of beaches in the area and I am certain they all have a different vibe. Venice had a hippie feel to it. Lots of local artists, pot shops (it is legal afterall), homeless people, etc. It was fun to walk the area and people watch.

The waves had made the news that day- they were big! Too big for us to see any surfers.

Katy and Ike's dog Finley joined us at the beach- he would get really close to the water and then when it would move toward him he would run with such glee!

One afternoon, we drove north to Calabassas. Apparently it is home to lots of celebrities and their places of work- we walked around The Biggest Loser Ranch and the Bachelor House.

BL Ranch is on a state park ground- King Jilette Ranch. It is pretty remote, but set in the most beautiful canyons. The whole area was picturesque and super quiet! I can't imagine the isolation the contestants must feel. It is a great place to focus though.

We think the picture above it the dorms. Below, Marcus in front of the gym. No contestants were onsite- the place was dead. So, we wondered around a little.

Below is the Presidential Mile, a loop that the contestants walk regularly on the show. I love anytime trees meet and touch to create a canopy. I'd love a slow walk on this path.

Just a few miles away from the BL Ranch is the home to many seasons of The Bachelor. The house is currently for sale, so the address has been released. It isn't lived in, but is a party and event rental space now. It was all looked up and even though I stood on the landscaping walls, I couldn't see much.

The driveway should look familiar to Bachelor fans, you always see the limos pull out and round this corner!

One last vacation post to come.... Marcus rides the mechanical bull at Saddle Ranch!

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