April 27, 2012

Fun Things in our Week

What a week filled with fun things we all have had! Today, Abby Lu and I had lunch with the four realtors I work for in honor or assistant's day/week. They took us to lunch at Z Tejas- yummy! And, beyond lunch, they showered me with 2 lovely gift certificates. Marcus and I get a fancy date night at Z Tejas and I get to do some crafting from Michael's. Seriously, do they know me or what!

Abby loved getting her own bowl of ice cream with lunch! Doesn't she look thrilled!

On Wednesday morning, Abby's friends Kiersten and Kaylinn came over to visit. Are they not beautiful girls! Their Mom had a doctor's appointment, so they came over to play for a couple of hours. Abby got to practice sharing and caring for others. Poor only child needs lots of practice :)

Let's not forget Marcus! He has wanted a fuel band for over a month and Nike finally restocked, before selling out in under 24 hours! I ordered his for his birthday and let him have it a month early. It is a cool watch, pedometer, and energy burn counter. He is having fun setting a goal and then trying to burn that fuel goal each day.

Oh what a fun week of treats!

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