April 07, 2012

Los Angeles Trip- Fancy Dinners

Part of the fun of a vacation in LA was dressing up for nice adult dinners. No chicken nuggets on the menu and no rushing through! Our first night we ate at Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills. This was Katy's choice and it was so pretty inside! Everything was white- walls, chairs, flowers, everything!

The restaurant is owned by a cast member on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and her daughter, Pandora, was our waitress. She was super cool and they all sang Happy Birthday to me! Dinner was delish- the best part was the sticky pudding a la mode for dessert. It was so rich and good.

There were multiple big arrangements like this in side the restaurant. You can imagine how great it smelled.

On Friday night, we had dinner at the infamous The Ivy. It is where famous people go when they want to be seen because the paparazzi hang out there awaiting a celebrity. I had their signature drink, the Ivy Gimlet. It was good and it was strong. No more for me :) We didn't see anyone famous there, but there was a Danish pop star inside that we didn't know.

I loved the decor of the Ivy. It was farmhouse meets English cottage. Very cool!

 I turned the tables on the paparazzi and took my picture with them. He even let me hold his big heavy camera.

After dinner we went to The Belmont, a nearby bar in West Hollywood. Katy and Ike work in the entertainment industry and know a few people. Someone they knew arrived at the bar with Amanda Bynes. She didn't sit with us long and wasn't very friendly. Boo!

We did see MJ from the Shahs of Sunset there also. I hadn't seen the show and didn't know her, but we watched an episode the next night and I'm hooked. 

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