April 12, 2012

LA Vacation: Warner Bros and Pinks

Before we went to LA, we researched the different studios that have tours. We selected Warner Bros. and it was a great choice! The guide tailored the tour to the shows our group watched.

We took tons of pictures- here are some favorites!

Marcus where the final scene of Seinfeld was filmed. I think it was a diner during that episode.

This is the field in Friends where Ross plays rugby to compete with Rachel's boyfriend and gets "killed" on the field. It was so tiny in person and looked just massive on TV.

We are big fans of Big Bang Theory and were told this will be featured in an upcoming episode. See me and our tour friends in the window :)

This staircase look familiar? It is a real house built on the lot and was used as Monica and Ross' parents' house in Friends. Monica and Rachel came down these stairs for prom.

They had a whole studio of famous cars... the Mercedes is from The Hangover.

This is the set of many of Spiderman's wall climbing scenes!

Because friends was such a big hit, they have Central Perk all set up for people to see as it was when the show aired.

We were able to take our picture behind the couch. We learned that Gunther wasn't a part planned out. They needed a barista and he was an extra on set who had experience. After one episode people asked about him and he became a regular.

After our tour, we hopped over to Hollywood for lunch at Pinks, a famous hot dog stand around since 1939. It is old and small, but well known so we wanted to try it. You wait in line on the street forever and then eat on the patio in the back.

We had hot dogs, onion rings and grape and strawberry Crush sodas. Yummy! As you can tell, I am not as adventurous as Marcus with my hot dogs! I really do like a plain dog. I didn't love Pink's.... you could tell when you had bit through the dog casing and that freaked me out a little. 

Up next, Kodak Theater and Hollywood and the Price is Right!

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Jessica said...

Thank you. Your comment was such comfort! It is so hard- I'll be 31 this summer and we are having some infertility trouble {I have PCOS}, so we would love your prayers! : ) Thanks again!


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