April 20, 2012

Sweet Michael

Abby had a date today with her friend Michael. He has a new little sister, a Dad out of the country for 10 days, and his poor Momma hurt her foot in a car accident this week. So, we grabbed him for a few hours to play today!

We picked Michael up just before lunch and headed to Chick-fil-A. The kids played for a few minutes and then it was lunchtime. Both ate their lunch and earned ice cream. The crew at CFA allowed them to go behind the counter and see how ice cream is made. I hope they realize Abby will expect to go behind the counter every time from now on!

After lunch we went to Big Bounce, a local inflatable place so they could be wild and crazy kids! Michael was so sweet and kept coming to me to find Abby. He wanted to play with her and she was being a crazy girl and all over the place! Both kids looked really tired on the car ride home!

A few things I learned with 2 kids today....
  • How do you decide who gets in the car first and who has to stand in the parking lot? Is it the one who listens better gets to roam the parking lot while you look away and buckle the other child?
  • When it is raining, you get really cold and wet buckling up 2 kids!
  • Going to the bathroom with a little boy is different.
  • Needing to go to the bathroom yourself with another person's child and a boy at that with you is awkward.
  • Boys are protective and will hit other little boys who push the little girl they are with. (I might have already known this one!)
  • Boys make funny noises. Michael taught Abby to snort like a pig and she has growled at me like a lion since our playdate.
  • Seeing Abby have a friend to high-five in the back seat makes me smile. She loved having someone sit beside her in the car. It doesn't happen very often.
  • One kid sure is easier :)


Melissa said...

I know Natalie was so thankful to have a little respite! Looks like the kids had a blast!!

I thought the same thing about parking lots when I had Cora, Carys and Cora's little friend at Chick-Fila. (And those parking lots are always crazy busy!!) I ended up letting the big girls climb in on one side, closed that door, and then fastened Carys in the middle from the other side. It was a little awkward, though! I'm sure the moms with 3 or more kids were laughing at my method!!

The Gumpls said...

All boys are stinky except Michael, right!
I am so thankful you took him for a few hours! I know the kids had a blast together! You sure did learn alot with having two kids and one not being yours! Expect the same from him as you would from Abby when he is with you! :)


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