April 16, 2012

Meet Louise

Meet Louise, the name Abby has given to my new car! I'm not super fond of the name, but I do love my new car!

Marcus and I bought my car in 2008 and got every feature we could- I worked full time and had a new baby coming. I wanted everything and I paid for it every month. I was starting to hate my car payment and wanted to have more money for other things. So, we started looking at smaller SUVs. I did lots of searching online and decided I really liked the Mazda CX-7. There were tons of them online for under $20K, only 1-2 years old and less than 20K miles. 

The first one I fell in love with sold the night before I went to see it. Argh! Then, we went on vacation so I stopped looking. I didn't want to find another one online that I couldn't go see quickly.

The following weekend (Easter) I had done my research and found a 2012 with 700 miles and called 2 dealerships to see where it was. The online report was confusing- it appeared a South Austin dealership has sold it to their North Austin sister dealer. I made an appointment for the North Austin location, but had also called the south location. South called me back and offered me a brand new CX-7 for the same price as the one with 700 miles. SOLD!

Marcus picked it up on Friday afternoon and brought it home for me to drive. I liked it and on Saturday we went back and picked out a white one instead of silver. The silver had all black interior and I feared dust and crumbs would show and make me crazy. 

Louise is great- better gas mileage, qualifies as a green car for tax savings, drives like a car meaning it parks easier, more console space with iPhone plugs and audio jacks well hidden, and it fits in our garage easier. We gave up features like leather, DVD players in the headrest, heated seats and more. But, we also gave up a high car payment which makes me happy. The "free" month without a car payment is going toward a portable DVD player for Abby and a good tint job.

Hooray for Louise!


Mimi (Carol) said...

Louise is very good looking. Incredible that you got a new car with smaller payments. Good going!

Katy said...

Cute! I've been debating downsizing from my Tahoe. I'll have to look up the CX-7. The gas mileage has been killer & it doesn't look like prices are going down!


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