October 05, 2010

2010 College Football Tailgate

Our Sunday school class hosts a college football tailgate party every fall. This year we pushed it back to October and held it at a local park. It is always such fun for the kids and the adults!
Sweet Abby Lu debuted lopsided pig tails for the party! She is the cutest little cheerleader I know! She might have been excited for the event this year because I told her Michael would be there. They shared their first kiss (with my prompting) and it just made us all laugh!
Well, it didn't make Daddy laugh. He proceeded to have a little talk with Michael.

Abby didn't eat a single healthy thing while we were there, but she did eat her weight in cheese puffs. She had orange dust all over her! Seriously, there were cheeto pieces in her armpit!
Always the lady- my goodness we need to work on how we sit in a skirt. We won't wear diaper covers forever! She was practicing her best cheerleading moves for the group.

We are blessed with such sweet friends- Ellie, Abby and Blythe.

It amazes me to see Blythe become such a big girl. If we were in total control of our family planning, we would have a little girl about Blythe's age. Hard to believe! I'm so grateful for these sweet girls that I just know will be life long friends for Abby.

The adults had a good time also! We talked, watched our kids run around the playground, and ate yummy food! L to R: Jessica, Natalie, Carissa, Heather and I.
We had such pretty weather! The boys spent most of their time in this open field throwing, catching, running and tackling. They even let the bigger boys play along.
Along with all the fun, we had some serious competition- football trivia. Our walking football encyclopedia friend Chris made up a trivia for us to all take. I am happy to report that I placed 3rd in round 1 and made it to the 2nd round where I proceeded to know nothing and came in last place! ha! Oh, you are curious about Marcus' place in the trivia... he didn't qualify for round 2. :)


Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Neal said...

Beautiful little cheerleader!! Love how she is sitting in the chair!! :)

The Gumpls said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pictures. I put Abby and Blythe in a frame and I need that pic of Michael and Abby for his room!


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