October 04, 2010

Denver Recap

I was in Denver for 38 hours. I didn't get to see or do much; however, we did have dinner in "Lodo" (lower downtown) on Thursday night and hit up a couple of stores. What do you think? Is this headband for me? ha! I was laughing so hard with this big piece on my head. It made me think of Sex in the City movie premiere. The Denver Convention Center has a big blue bear outside the glass looking in. He is a good 5 stories tall, just huge! The medical meeting I was attending put a stethoscope window decal on the glass. Can you see it? The bear is playing Doctor. So smart!
This is Lindsay and the place where I spent most of my time. It was a quick trip and a great show for us. I was so tired when I landed, but also so grateful for my iPad. This was my first trip with it- I played games, searched the net, read books and it was all inside my purse! I highly recommend it for travelers.

More weekend fun to come- it was another really busy one!

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