October 29, 2010

Halloween Fun

This is our little Wonder Woman for her school costume day. I just couldn't put her in Foofa and risk random food arriving 2 days before Halloween on her sweet costume. She makes a cute WW. Sorry for the photo quality and sweet girls rockin' updo, I was out of town and Daddy made do with limited cosmetology skills and a cell phone camera.
Speaking of sweet and Daddy, isn't he going to make a cool DJ Lance Rock for Halloween. It goes perfectly with Foofa and will be great to wear again at Yo Gabba Gabba Live in December. I love that my husband will dress this silly for Abby. I'll be Trick or Treating as a tired lame Mom.
Abby had a small class of kids today since many left early. She ate Halloween treats with her buddies Ben and Levi. They took her out of WW this morning to make sure it was safe for Sunday night. ha!
Happy Halloween Double Eve! We have fun activities all weekend- Marcus is juggling at our church fall fair tonight, tomorrow is a costume party at our local Barnes and Noble storytime where Marcus is juggling, and Sunday we are trick or treating with some friends and Grammy where Marcus will be juggling. Tough weekend to be a juggler!


Jessica said...

You are so sweet! Thanks! I'm loving your little girl's hair for Halloween! How funny is that! So cute!

Grammy said...

The kids are going to be lovin' you, Marc. I think you have found your vocation.


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