October 17, 2010


I got new glasses this week to replace the brown ones I wear that are a good 8 years old. I have a few pair I wear on ocassion and those really needed replacing. I like the shape and color of these- it is a good rosy brown color. But, for whatever reason they can't seem to make them stay up on my nose. We've bent the ear pieces like crazy and tried to narrow the bridge of the nose area and they still fall down. Then, when I push them up and put them in the place I want them, my eyelashes touch the glass. It is weird- I was thinking the arms of the glasses are the wrong length?

I returned them and learned the area that sits on my nose it too wide and to narrow it would mean bending all of the glasses which makes the top line across my faced bow down on the outsides. So, I ordered a new pair! Stay tuned!


Ms. W said...

Those are cute and I love the bronzey color! Too bad they didn't work.

Did they suggest glasses with nosepads? If they did, have them replace the hard plastic nose pads with soft silicon pads. That makes ALL the difference in the world when wearing these styles of glasses. The silicon makes the glasses virtually slide-proof (and it is so much more comfy!)

You mentioned in a previous post you were at Target Optical. Is that where you have been going? I ask, b/c I have been dealing with the CP Super Target (1431) and they have been so amazing to work with. I love them and would recommend them to anyone!

Being Billingsley said...



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