October 21, 2010

I Bite!

Abby wore her "Watch Out, I bite" shirt to school this week. I sure hope her teachers find it as funny as we do.
Her biting of other kids has gotten much better, but she now bites herself when she gets frustrated. I have looked around online and it is "normal", but definitely worries me. She has only done it at school and it is almost always part of a confrontation with other children. It is purely frustration that she isn't getting her way, the toy, attention, etc. We are working hard on teaching her "no bite Abby". I think we have such a low stress household and quiet life that she just gets overwhelmed. I pray it goes away.

1 comment:

Tabriah said...

I love her shirt. How cute!

It will go away. Easier said, that done but don't worry about it. Kiersten bit everyone, including her self as well as hit and kicked...it was great...but it is over now. And, now Kaylinn is biting (when she gets new teeth and doesn't get her way) and will kick you during a diaper change. In good time and some timeouts it will pass. :)


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