October 15, 2010

Halloween Preview

We finally pulled out Abby's Halloween costume for her to see and try on. We bought it online a few months ago and she hadn't seen it yet. Do you think she likes it? This girl loves her Foofa doll. Before we leave the house, we have to say goodbye to Foofa and put her in her bed. The moment we get home, we get Foofa out of bed and take her everywhere. When we eat, we place Foofa on the counter right behind us so that we can still see her.
We took her into our bathroom to use the big mirror and see herself. Marcus pulled out his DJ Lance Rock t-shirt to show Abby. He plans to wear it for her.

The costume also comes with pants, but I think they are a little long, so we'll just put on pink pants or tights for Halloween. I'm so glad the hat fit her big head :)

Abby will get to sport her outfit 3 times- for a church Halloween party on the 30th, Trick or Treating on the 31st and then in December she'll wear it when we go see Yo Gabba Gabba live! I'm so excited for her to see a live Foofa in person- it will blow her mind!


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