October 12, 2010

Lakeline Mall

Lakeline Mall has seriously become a kids playland!
On Saturday afternoon we used the free carousel tickets we had to take a couple of rides. We will experience MAJOR meltdown if that carousel ever goes away.
Afterward, we went into the play area and saw our friend Kiersten and her family. Abby was pretty shy around Kiersten, but they did smile for a picture. How cute is Kiersten here? I just love those cheeks! She was so sweet and when Abby would fuss, she'd ask, "Why is she crying?". Tabriah (her Mom, my friend) was so smart and said, "because she is almost 2." Isn't that the best answer!
The mall now has a train that drives through one area of the mall. It has 4 or 5 cars and each car can hold an adult and a couple of children. Abby loved watching it come by the playground. I'll be holding off on riding that one as long as I can!

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