October 28, 2010

Sweet Skeleton

Abby wore her pink skeleton this week to celebrate Halloween. Marcus and I bought it for her a few weeks ago since she knows "heart" as a body part and we wanted her to see it on her shirt.

Notice the blue circle on her hand, she gets 2 stickers everytime she sits on the potty or brushes her teeth. Stickers are a big motivator in our house!
Practicing her surprised face- it makes me laugh every time!
Happy Halloween Week!


Tabriah said...


Grammy said...

Love the costume...love the pigtails and the expression!

We are the Guerra's! said...

Love the surprised face! Billa has mastered that one and uses it as her party trick. And that skeleton costume? Oh. Em. Gee! That is too cute! I haven't tried stickers for potty training, now that we've settled into our new place, I think I might try that!


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