October 16, 2010

Lunch with Madeline

Friday night Marcus went to Merkel (his hometown) for Homecoming and to help us Mom with a few chores around the house. So, Abby and I did a little shopping and enjoyed a girls night in. This morning we went a got a haircut to trim up the back and then had lunch with our friends Becky, Caroline and Madeline.
It is sad that our photographic evidence of the lunch date doesn't show how much fun these girls had. After eating, Caroline and I took them into the playground and they played together with us back at the table for 10 minutes or so. Abby typically wants us in there to show off her tricks and Madeline likes her Momma close so it was a pleasant surprise.
They went up and down the stairs, made faces at us through the glass, and they played well in the toddler area. We'll see Madeline again on Friday and can't wait to play! These girls are 4 weeks apart and we hope they'll be friends for a long time. They both have learned to say each other's names, but wouldn't do it today. We'll keep working on it!
We didn't get a picture of Caroline's Mom, Becky, but I loved talking with her about her big adventure this week- she is off to the Biggest Loser ranch! The same one they always talk about on TV. She doesn't have weight to lose, but wants to learn more about being healthier and stronger for her age. Isn't that exciting! Yea Becky!

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