November 29, 2010

23 Months

In just one short month I will be the mother of a 2 year old. How did this happen? I am still 25 with a newborn in my mind? Amazing! (Which is strange because I was never 25 with a newborn.)

We took Abby's birthday party pictures on Sunday evening at Picture People in the mall. I love the clean white background they offer and the fact that you get your pictures immediately, but I hate how they always overbook or under staff the store and it stresses us out to occupy Abby for the waiting period. We always get good shots from them and this time was no different.

We are having a cookies and milk 2nd birthday party in January, so we took a "cookies" picture for our invites and party decor. I love this smile!
Highlights from our 23rd month.....

Abby seems to really understand us. We are beginning to reason with her. We can tell her to "wait and be patient" and she understands what she wants is coming. We can use next, again, and another with her and she gets it! The frustrations of communication are lessoning. She will ask for "another marshmallow" or "ride again". She does such a good job!

Abby isn't shy or afraid of people. I love that she brings joy to strangers in stores and restaurants. I feel like I am under a spotlight as a parent in public with people just watching me. Sometimes it is how I will control her "spunk", but often times it is just people smiling as she says hello, thank you, and bye bye to them. An older couple recently commented how smart she was as she entertained herself by sorting the pink, blue and yellow sweetener packets at a restaurant. She likes order :)

Speaking of thank you, Abby says "thank you Momma" unsolicited at least 90% of the time. She will often say it out of the blue. She is really getting better at saying "thank you Dadda" also. We are focusing on please and Ma'm and sir now. Her "yes Ma'm" sound like "yea Mon". Funny!

We are still on a mini food strike. I think it might have started when she was sick and now it is more about wanting to eat her favorites. During the food strike tortillas and marshmallows were never rejected. We are starting toddler boot camp today and Abby can eat the food set out before her or try again at the next meal. She can not live on her favorites alone!

Potty training is still moving right along. Abby is wearing a combination of pull ups and diapers and goes on the potty 2-4 times per day. Her diaper is often dry when she goes potty and she seems to be going on the potty much quicker- at first I think we had some success because she had sat on the potty for so long. She loves to have everyone in the house see her pee pee and then tell it bye bye when we flush it. She also gets 2 stickers or marshmallows. We need to just stay home one full weekend and put her in big girl "shorts" to make it happen. I think she is there and we aren't!

Sleep is still great. We are discussing buying her big girl bedding for her birthday but hate to alter her sleep pattern. She takes a 2 - 2.5 hour nap around 12:30 each day and will sleep from 7:30 - 7:30 at night. We have to wake her during the week for school. She sleeps with her toddler pillow, small blanket, Foofa and water. Our nighttime routine gets sweeter as she gets older as I know it can't last forever. I love the 15 minutes we spend together winding down at night. We count to 5, say our ABCs, and sing Jesus Loves Me together.

I am so grateful Jesus blessed us with Abby. Happy 23 months sweet girl.


Brian and Carrie said...

such a precious little girl... it has been fun "watching" her grow up on your blog.

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Neal said...

Cute theme!! Sounds like fun!!

Tabriah said...

I love her smile!!!


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