November 01, 2010

Trick or Treat!

We had such a jam packed weekend which ended Sunday night with a block party! Our neighborhood does such a good job at Halloween. You don't even have to ring doorbells- everyone is outside on their front lawns giving out candy. The houses go all out and decorate to welcome the little ones in their costumes. People drive in to TorT our subdivision- you see cars and even flatbed trailers riding around.
To enjoy the party, we had Marcus' Mom and our friends Mo, Jessica and their daughter Ellie over for dinner and treats. Jessica's parents were also in town from Indiana and joined us. We ordered pizza and watched the end of the football games before heading out about 7 PM.
The girls had fun with Marcus' DJ Lance Rock glasses ahead of time!

We love this family- they have walked a journey like ours to arrive at this night and this picture. It makes it all so much sweeter.
Foofa and the Panda rode around in the wagon collecting candy with their sweet smiles and an occasional "thank you" signed by Abby.
Abby was just old enough to be confused at why she was in a costume, outside in the dark, and strangers were giving her candy!
We let her open a sucker to occupy her time as we went from house to house. It helped prevent her from asking us to open every single package. One house gave out Play-doh to the little ones. Genius!
We have some creative neighbors! This particular house wanted to keep their teenagers home, so they made them part of the act. When you walked up to this house, this guy would crawl out on his belly and grab your leg. ha!
His brother was on top the house in black calling you in. I know, scary! I swore they were fake. We had fun with them- the guy under the car even asked if we could throw him a Kit Kat! We put a pile of candy around him to entice others so he could scare them.
This is another one of the fully decorated homes. They even had strobe lights inside the house and music playing. Fun!
One last funny story, one of the homes had a haunted house set up inside their garage. The Mom was in the driveway standing at a table in scrubs. It was made to look like she was chopping up a body and gave you candy from the stomach of the dead body on the table. I know, gross! Anyway, Marcus and Mo walked up to her to get the candy so that Abby and Ellie weren't scared and she immediately recognized Mo. He is the Assistant Principal for the JH that our neighborhood feeds into. He kept a low profile around kids, but assumed he was safe around this woman. She knew exactly who he was and made him go through the haunted house where her daughter/his student was. It was hilarious for everyone, but Mo!

Hope you all had a fun night, too!

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