November 11, 2010

Pum-Pum and a Preview

If Abby could really talk, she would tell you that pumpkin bread is her very favorite dessert. She loves homemade pumpkin bread and the yummy slices sold at Starbucks. A hotel delivered 2 fresh loaves of pumpkin bread to my office this week and I knew exactly who would eat them!

Do you see the joy in that face?
And, do you see the sheer exhaustion caused by a day of learning, time change and a late dinner?
Dinner in our house has been a little off the past 2 nights because our living room looks like this!
Changing out floors while living in your house is a big mess! But, it will be a beautiful mess come tomorrow! I can't wait to share my "after" pictures with you!


Melissa said...

Exciting!! We LOVE our floors. I don't know how I could live in a house with carpet from now on! Just know that for the first month you will be shocked and horrified at how much dust and hair accumulates.

MiMi said...

Just wait until she tastes "pum pum" pie!


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