November 05, 2010

Happy 22 Months (and 1 week!)

Happy 22 Months Miss Abigayle Lucille! You are a bundle of fun and we are so glad to be your parents. Here are some of the things that were part of this past month:

You have taken a real liking to certain toys. You have your favorites and are very systematic about how/when/where you play with them. You like holding Foofa when watching Yo Gabba Gabba, your stuffed hippo you've named Abby at bathtime and on the changing table after bath time, your stuffed dog in the morning and at Starbucks, Honkers (from Sesame Street) in my car on the way home, etc. You also love baby dolls most anytime.
As most parents do, we are certain you are a genius and just watch in amazement at how much and how quickly you are learning. You can or will attempt to say most any word- more times than not, it is understandable although when tired we catch you just babbling and not using your words like you can. You also love to watch Signing Time and now have twice as many words in your vocabulary. You can sign grapes, peach, strawberries, orange, lettuce, potato, beans, carrot, corn, fruit, vegetables, colors, rainbow, bike, swing and all of the basic colors.
Speaking of colors, based upon the work of Marcus and I during bath time using your blocks and at night using your books, you can say and identify the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, brown and black. According to your teachers, most kids in your class don't know their colors yet. Way to go Abby! If you are tired or not paying attention, you will always tell us something is red. We know you know better!
Along with spelling your name verbally, you can count to 5! Counting was always a good quiet activity we did in your room before bedtime. It seemed to calm you down and help you relax to count my fingers. You know can do it pretty easily and count fingers, toes, balls, books, etc.

You finally learned your name is Abby and not Ada. I am so glad because hearing you say your name is music to my ears. We are working on saying your last name, but it isn't very understandable just yet.
You also have developed empathy this month. If anyone is wearing a band-aid you like to kiss it. You also kiss my tattoo regularly thinking it is a boo-boo. You have had your share of boo boos or dramatic reenactments of owies lately. I say slow down more than anything else each day!

You are right on track with your clothing sizes which is a blessing since I buy ahead so often. You wear an 18-24 months in most items and a 2T seems to also fit well. You are in a size 5 diaper and wear a size 5 shoe. You are eating well- you seem to like a later breakfast lately and either eat a big lunch or dinner, but not both. Your favorite foods- cheese, applesauce, yogurt, pasta, peas, chicken and corn dogs. Pretty soon, I am going to stop making you your own dinner and you'll be eating with us. I dread that transition. You are still sleeping about 12 hours per night and your weekend nap has recently been shortened from 4 hours to about 2.5 hours. Thank God for a good sleeper.

We love you and are so proud of you!

Momma and Dada


Mimi Carol said...

I am proud of Abby AND proud of her Momma & Daddy for teaching her so much.

I started out being Grammy, but I said that Abby would choose a name for me, and she chose "Mimi".

Mimi Carol

Being Billingsley said...

Anna, this girl is gorgeous! I worry about my good friend Marcus and how is going to handle the teenage years with her. I'm guessing he will have a solid ulcer by then.


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