November 30, 2010

Ice Cream Treat

After Abby's nap this past weekend, we took her for ice cream. It seems to be on e of the foods she'll always eat and we thought it would feel good on her teeth. We normally do frozen yogurt, but wanted to spend a little time at Barnes and Noble, so we visited the nearby Marble Slab.
Abby had Banana ice cream and loved it. She used the little sample spoon and was such a big girl eating her ice cream just like us. We were the only people there and the man working the counter was restocking. Abby watched him closely and when he left the open area she'd say, "bye guy" and when he came back, "hello guy". It was making us all laugh.
Love that blond hair and blue eyes in the natural sunlight!

1 comment:

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Neal said...

Brady also loves his ice cream! He could probably care less what type it is ... but I am going to say his favorite is Banana Pudding (like his momma)!! hehe


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