November 21, 2010

Weeping Angel

My Mom stayed with us this weekend because Marcus and I had a funeral to attend on Saturday afternoon. We knew it would be one of the saddest funerals we've ever attended. Death is hard no matter the person, but the death of a child is the hardest for me to comprehend.

Our friends John and Delia (Marcus and John work together) lost their granddaughter, Lyla Grace, shortly after her birth. As Christians, we know where Lyla Grace is, but it doesn't make it easier to say goodbye. As a Mom, my heart just breaks for Lyla's Mom, Brandi. She is living my biggest fear and I know with the love and support of her parents, she'll make it. Heaven just seems so real when you imagine a child there.
Brandi recorded a reading of this poem for her daughter and it was played at the funeral. I think it is a beautiful illustration of Motherhood.

We are connected, my child and I,
by an invisible cord not seen by the eye.
It's not like the cord that connects us 'til birth
this cord can't been seen by any on earth.
This cord does it’s work right from the start.
It binds us together attached to my heart.
I know that it's there though no one can see
the invisible cord from my child to me.
The strength of this cord is hard to describe.
It can't be destroyed it can't be denied.
It's stronger than any cord man could create
it withstands the test, can hold any weight.
And though you are gone, though you're not here with me,
the cord is still there but no one can see.
It pulls at my heart, I am bruised... I am sore,
but this cord is my lifeline as never before.
I am thankful that God connects us this way
a mother and child death can't take it away!

-Author Unknown

I know her family would appreciate all the prayers you can give- for physical healing, emotional strength, and peaceful understanding of life without their baby girl.

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