November 17, 2010

Big Steps in Potty Training

Consider yourself warned....

Multiple times last week Abby had success on the potty at school. So, on Friday morning while at Target I went looking for her diaper replacement (I don't want to say the "p-word" and end up with weirdos Googling me) and found these. They make them in 2T for Foofa fans! So cute! We bought our first sets- Foofa and Hello Kitty.
My timing could not have been better since Abby kept her diaper dry all day at school on Friday (22.5 months old). She went on the potty 4 times. I am just amazed that she is learning all of this so early and so easily with little prompting from us.

We bought pull ups and are using them some during the day to help her learn the concept and will likely do a potty training boot camp and stay home without diapers one weekend soon. Diapers really are convenient so I move into this next phase with some selfish hesitation, but I am also so excited and proud of Abby's maturity.

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We are the Guerra's! said...

So happy for you! We've been trying the "big girl p------" (so the weirdo's don't find you ;o) under the pull ups method which seems to be working pretty well. We've only had accidents later in the evening before bed. And don't feel bad about the selfish part of it. You wouldn't be the first to feel that way, nor will you be the last! Just go with the flow, har har!


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