November 07, 2010

Girls Night Out

This past week I got to see one of my favorite people- Mary! She left the comforts of America and her family to explore love, adventure and knowledge and lives in Switzerland. She has learned French and works for a major international corporation as their Online Communication Manager. Oh, and she isn't even 30 yet! We met her for dinner with our friends Judy and Andrea. We all worked together a few years ago.
L to R: Judy, Mary, Andrea and I

Mary wanted to see us, but also to eat Gourdough's. We have all eaten there a handful of times and posted about it on Facebook and she had to be a part of it. And, she did! They girls ordered the blue balls and this is how blue those bad boys were. I can only imagine what that is doing to their innerds. Yikes!
We had a super fun night of real conversation and I loved it. We are secretly planning a trip to see her next year. Oh how much I would love that!

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Being Billingsley said...

That was a fun night!! I already miss my girl Mary.


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