November 14, 2010

Read's Baby Shower

My girlfriend Natalie and I hosted a baby shower for my cousin Kristi and her upcoming baby boy, Read. It was a simple and small brunch shower, which are my favorite kind. We had a green eggs and ham theme which was fun- I love the green and orange together. Natalie and I even dressed the part :)
Baby Read has a big family awaiting him- he will have 6 aunts and uncles, 4 first cousins all under the age of 5, and at least 2 great grandmothers! Many of the family were in attendance to celebrate him on Saturday.
I made a rookie mistake bringing my own toddler to a shower I was co-hosting. It is hard to be hospitable, serve food, decorate, keep track of gifts and watch your child. She was all over the place! Luckily, we had planned for Marcus to pick her up near the end of the shower so I was able to help clean without the distraction. Lesson learned :)
Congratulations Ben, Kristi, Landry and Bella. We can't wait to meet your baby brother!

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~kristi said...

It was a great morning. thank you so much for all you did.


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