January 02, 2011

2nd Christmas

We had Christmas with my sister, Dad and Jacque on the 28th in New Braunfels. It worked perfectly in our plans since we were in San Antonio that day. Can you tell Abby loves seeing her grandparents?
She received lots of wonderful presents. Tiffany teaches pre-K so she always picks out educational toys for Abby. And, Granpa and JaJa gave her fun toys and money for college.
Cohen was extra excited to have everyone over, open presents and eat brownies. We bought him a new Wii game, a storybook Bible, and pajamas. I always buy them pajamas for Christmas.
You think Kyleigh liked her new skirt? I bought it months ago and knew she had to have it! I bought her a pink t-shirt to wear with it. She'll likely pair it with black leggings and some crazy sparkly shoes! We also bought her a pencil set and pajamas with makeup on them. Fun to be a girl!
We had a wonderful crazy time with everyone!

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