January 16, 2011


This is Jose. He is a greeter at our church and him and Abby are tight. The whole way to church she says his name.... the whole way! Sometimes she runs right to him and sometimes she plays the shy uninterested teenage girl part. ha!

Today she was excited to see him. He is so kind- always leaning down to her level, giving her big hugs and telling her how pretty she is. He is a grandpa so he knows!
Two other funny things that happened this weekend I want to remember:

Abby started calling Marcus by his first name. It cracks me up! She yelled it across the house, "Come on Marcus, let's go Marcus". We both died laughing!

Abby calls Marcus' old childhood X-Men plastic figures "mean men". It was what I called them when she first played with them because I have no idea what half of their names really are. Yesterday afternoon, she picked one up, wrapped him in a blanket and sang, "Rock-a-Bye Mean Men". I wonder how many Wolverines get special night time treatment.

We are enjoying a pretty quiet weekend at home with time at the library, a baby shower, football and playing inside. Stay warm!

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