January 26, 2011

Abby's Ahlumile

This is Abby's Mile doll. She currently carries her everywhere- no strange looks in the stores yet :) She likes to lay her down and cover her in her lovie (pronounced wubie) and tell her night night. She sits across from Abby at her little blue IKEA table when we eat. She is well loved when she is dropped and hits her head. When we sing "Jesus Loves the Little Children" and substitute names for children, we always request that I sing about Mile.
Here is the crazy part- the other day at the refrigerator, Abby saw Ahlumile's picture on the door and pointed and without hesitation said, Mile. She knows- she has made the connection that her doll Mile is named after the little girl on the kitchen refrigerator door.

The next step is really to talk about Mile's life- her house, her family, her food, her schooling, etc. We sent her her first care package with hair bows and silly bands. I think her next package will include a wubie. :)

This is important. This feels good. This feels right. This matters.

If you missed the original post about Mile, click here.


~kristi said...

Sponsoring Elsa and Leo is one of the most fulfilling things we have ever done. We love getting cards from them. I think the best part is that there is a real opportunity for us to meet them one day. It is so special that your baby is Millie and the same age as Abby. Yes, God is awesome!

MiMi said...

That is so sweet. Have you sent Mile pictures. I bet a pic of Abby with her Mile doll would be so cute.


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