January 27, 2011

Food and School Updates

This is Abby's plate after dinner the other night- this is a huge success! We fell into this bad habit of giving Abby only a few foods- foods we knew she liked and her options were slim. We stopped trying to introduce new foods because it had become such a fight at every meal. Abby was eating less and drinking milk to get her nutrients and to get full.
One of the biggest draws of the new school is that they provide her breakfast and lunch. We don't get to pick her favorites- she eats what they provide, what all the kids are eating, or she doesn't eat. The first week- she didn't eat. She cried and begged them for more milk to fill her belly. She ate like crazy as soon as we got home, she was starving.

We are more than 3 weeks in and things are getting so much better. She will try new foods. She eats more food at a sitting than we've ever seen. She doesn't finish her milk at most meals. It has been a tough transition and we are still in the middle of it, but I think the worst is behind us.

We are seeing her lose some of the milk belly and thin out a little. Nothing drastic and probably nothing anyone else would notice but us. I look forward to the day when she fully eats what we are eating- we are giving her what we eat for the most part now. Sometimes she eats it and sometimes we offer a marshmallow for eat bite of vegetables she swallows. At any rate, we are getting our nutrients in and that makes this Momma happy.

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