January 25, 2011

Making Good on my Resolution

This my friends is genius! Do you like my before and after picture? Yep- all done with Picnik my new favorite site. They have lots of free stuff, but tonight I joined as a premium member (only $24.95 per year) and I played in the touch-up area. I now have on lipstick! ha!
Here is what I did to myself in the picture:
Red Eye
Cross Process
Teeth Whitening
Eye Brightening
Instant Thin

Give me more time and I'll be a supermodel!


Tabriah said...

I love it!!!!! It is so much easier than photoshop! Thank you!!

We are the Guerra's! said...

Very cool! I'll have to check that out. I love PSE but it can be somewhat complicated for something simple...this might be the solution for those easy photos :o)

Heather Mason said...

No way - that is cool!!!

lindsay said...

i LOVE picnik. i didn't join, so i don't have as many fancy options as you, but i'm perfectly fine with my cross processing and vignette tools. great site!


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