January 10, 2011

Oh Silly Girl

Here is a sneak peek (or a repeat if you are on Facebook with me) of Abby's party. We had about 50 people at her party, so I barely saw her! Luckily, our friend and babysitter Mary attended and she pushed Abby in the swing forever!

I passed her in the hall at one point and know she was in hog heaven because I asked her if she was having fun and she smiled and threw her hands in the air. She kinda gritted her teeth and made a face of pure joy and giddiness. It might have to do with many of her favorite people in her house or the fact that she had way too many sugar cookies!

Lots of picture to come, hopefully tonight!


Melissa said...

Sorry we missed the party! It looks like it was tons of fun. We had another party right before Abby's and Cora was in full meltdown mode (due to fear of a pinata of all things!!). I'm glad Abby had a great time!

We are the Guerra's! said...

it was such a wonderful party. And Mary was great! She even pushed Billa on the swings too. Do NOT let that girl get away from you, whatever you do :o) thanks so much for having us. Abby is so sweet and wonderful, and we were so happy to share in her special day with you!

~kristi said...

it was a great party. Send me the link to the party website when you can.


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