January 04, 2011

Hard Day

Abby started at a new school on Monday and she didn't have a very good first day. It was to be expected, but was still hard on all of us.

We switched schools because the new one provides her meals and that means no packing lunches, washing dishes, and buying groceries for us. For Abby, it means trying new foods and getting out of the packed lunch rut of corn dogs and chicken nuggets. Her new school also has more toys, bigger classrooms, and an indoor play area for fun on cold or wet days. We know it was a good decision and Abby will love it eventually. She even started yesterday with two friends from her old school- we had no idea they were joining us. A fun surprise for Abby!
Her day was long, structured, new and likely just a little overwhelming. Having been home for 2 weeks, she enjoyed all the things we enjoyed- sleeping in, watching TV, snacking, naps, shopping, etc. Not having her favorites for lunch was the beginning of the meltdown for her. When I picked her up, she was weepy, sensitive, and clinging to her blanket. Her new teachers have no idea how far from normal that is! To top it off, we've asked them to help us in limiting Abby's milk intake and she really wanted milk with her snack.

She was fine by the time Marcus left her this morning and when I checked on her a few minutes ago, she was clinging to her blanket, but not crying for us. Fingers crossed she at least maintains this outlook for the remainder of the day. Being a toddler (and parent!) is hard :)

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