January 14, 2011

We're Having a Party

and you're all invited!
We had Abby's birthday party last Saturday afternoon and we invited (or so it felt like) every kid Abby knows. We had over 30 kids in the house and another 20 or so adults. It was wild, crazy and lots of fun! It was also exhausting. When everyone left, this is how my child ended up- lounging in her chair, eating cheese and crackers left from the party tray and watching TV. She was pooped.
Here is our happy family before the party started. Abby wasn't quite sure what was coming- the house was rearranged, her toys were in the living room, and we kept saying party with an excited expression.
Luckily, it was sunny out and we put chairs, balls, and fun outdoor toys outside for the kids to spill into the backyard. Our friend and babysitter Mary was at the party and she pushed Abby in the swing for ages! I didn't even see Abby for most of the party. Mary said 4 other kids came and went and Abby stayed in the swing.
Abby did come inside when she heard Uncle Shaun was here. She loves my sister's family and likes to roll call each of them. She missed Uncle Shaun last time.
We also had an indoor fun area where kids could make felt cookies. A few people made a bunch of the cookies and Tiffany took the rest home to her class of preschoolers.
Abby's boyfriend was at her party and we took the opportunity to get some pictures of the two. These crack me up and I hope we get to use them in the future- hilarious! She looks innocent in the upper left picture and guilty as sin in the bottom right after the kiss.
Here is a collection of some of the milk mustache pictures from our friends and family. We thought of this idea at the last minute and I'm so glad we did. Super fun!
We had a fun afternoon with our guests. Since we had so many cookies, we skipped the cake this year. We also asked our guests to bring gifts we could donate to a children's charity, so there was no real gift opening part of the party. Abby didn't know the difference! Thanks to everyone who donated, we have a trunk full of toys to donate.

The party details with lots of pictures are on the craft blog here.

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The Gumpls said...

It was an awesome party! We had so much fun!!!!! I am so glad our kids are so close in age! More great times together for the future!!!!!


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