January 01, 2011

My 2011 Resolutions

I am excited to tell you that my 2010 New Year's Resolution was kept! I wanted us to make praying before a meal a regular occurrence and it happened. Most often our prayer is led by a little blond with pigtails before we even sit down to eat! Amazing what a child can do! She folds her hands and says, "thank you Jesus for my food, Amen" every time we eat! She also will repeat, "for my food, Amen" when ever I say thank you Jesus even if we are not eating. I love her discipline.

I have set 2 goals for 2011- one requires discipline and one is purely vain.

I am joining Beth Moore's Siesta Scripture Memorization Team in 2011 with my friend Heidi. I even bought us these cute little spirals. Heidi is a pro and my accountability partner! We will memorize 24 verses by the end of the year and keep them all logged into our cute little index card spiral. I am honestly scared to death as I haven't had to memorize anything in a long time, but I know the Lord will be with me on this one!
If you want to join in, the "rules" are all right here. Let me know if you are playing along and we can all lift each other up.

Resolution #2- to wear more lipstick! Look at this picture, my lips are the color of my skin. Seriously, I don't wear it much because I kiss on Abby all day long, feel stupid reapplying in public and can't find just one color I love.
I reject so many candid shots of myself because of my stupid lips. I plan to fix that this year!

Good luck planning, making and keeping changes in the coming year!

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We are the Guerra's! said...

Good luck with your resolutions! I can relate to rejecting pictures because of how I look in them. I'm seriously thinking about joining your scripture thing. I don't know near enough of the Bible and this might be a really good thing for me. I'll keep you posted!


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