January 28, 2011

Our New Favorite Toy

Have you seen the Aquadoodle? It is our favorite new toy!
I found it at Target in Cedar Park; although, online it states it is out of stock.
It is a large vinyl like mat that you can write on with a "pen" filled with water. The water on the special paper makes it turn from white to blue and then dries and disappears in under 5 minutes.
Since it is just water, there is really no mess. And, the mat can be laid on the floor or sat on the table and travels well. Notice, at almost 25 months, Abby still uses both her left and right hand for writing. God is still leaving that one as a surprise!
Here is our first Aqua-masterpiece!


Judy said...

We got our Aquadoodle when Joey was little and we still love it. Did you happen to see the pen sold separately while you were at Target? We need a second one so that the boys can play on it together.

The Gumpls said...

We got one for David when he has about 2 and he loved it! Abby looks way older in these pictures! Stop growing!!!!

We are the Guerra's! said...

Oooh, I should find one of those for Billa's birthday!


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