December 31, 2010

San Antonio Zoo

Happy New Year's Eve and Happy Birthday to Jacque! I am still trying to catch up on the many things we had going on the past few weeks...

On Tuesday, we spent the day at the San Antonio Zoo. It was cold and rainy, but we just took that as a bonus that we would have the zoo to ourselves! It was pretty close to true! We saw a handful of other brave families and overall enjoyed the zoo.
We spent all the time we could inside the various exhibits starting with the reptile house. No fear of the giant snakes! She wanted to spend lots of time with them.
Kyleigh and I loved this lizard- he is lime green and aqua striped and was shedding. It was neat to see his old and new skin.
With our hoodies, we stayed warm but not dry. Ugh!
The girls also loved the bird house including this hummingbird egg inside an ostrich egg. I was ready to leave this exhibit- it stunk! Wet conditions and birds is not pretty.
We did like this mohawk bird. He was so close to us, not scared, and just cool looking.
Our very favorite was this little red lion-faced monkey. He would peek at my camera and then run off and come back to "flirt" with us. Monkeys always put on a good show.
This hippo swam right up to Kyleigh and Abby. Shortly before this, he/she went #2, flung it around with it's tail and then went into the water all dirty. I was disgusted. Nature is gross.
The crocodile was also friendly. Kyleigh was impressed with how clean his teeth were- ha!
After 4 wet hours at the zoo, we picked up our souvenirs and had lunch at a nice dry spot. Abby picked out a pink monkey and Kyleigh selected a zebra.
The zoo is such a learning experience. That night, Kyleigh was recounting all we had learned to my Dad and she really learned a lot! We'll likely be doing lots of zoo trips in the coming years. I think I prefer Waco's zoo to San Antonio, but have heard Fort Worth is the best!


golfers1 said...

What fun you had even in the rain.... Kyleigh sure was excited to tell us all about it.... ya'll are such role models ! Thx for the b-day wishes....

Being Billingsley said...

You're such a girl!


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