June 20, 2011

Daddy's Girl on his Special Day

If you've read one single sentence on this blog, you know Abby and I think the world of Marcus! He is the most perfect husband for me and he is taking the time to raise one amazing little girl. The role of a Daddy in a little girl's life is so important and I just love watching them develop a special relationship.
After church on Sunday, we went to Hula Hut for lunch. We got there early and avoided having a wait. Score! While waiting on our food, Marcus did magic tricks for Abby with her crayons. He joked that he has to do these tricks for her before she gets much older and thinks he is embarrassing. She loved finding the crayon in her ear and hair bow ;)
We gave Marcus his presents on Saturday afternoon- an Action Heroes bible (looks like a comic book with bible stories), Biblezine (bible in magazine format), and a Raider Red rubber ducky. After Abby went to bed, he ended the evening with a glass of his favorite red wine and quiet time on his computer game.

Thank you Marcus for the amazing husband and father you are to us. You are supportive, loving, funny, and provide for us in so many ways. Happy Father's Day!

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