June 03, 2011

Move Over Yo Gabba Gabba

The day has finally come- we haven't watched Yo Gabba Gabba in over a week and while Marcus and I love the show, we are excited to have something new to watch! For a short stint, we watched Elmo's World at the end of Sesame Street, but our new love is Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse!
Monday afternoon we went to the mall and when we got near the Disney store it hit me, she will recognize this! Marcus suddenly feared for our budget! Abby was in love and overwhelmed. She wanted to touch all of the animals! We gave her the option of one medium animal or two small. She wanted one big one and much to our surprise, she selected Daisy Duck! I would have picked so many others ahead of Daisy. But, she loves her and has carried her everywhere since. Daisy sleeps with Abby, goes potty when Abby does and eats with us. Watch out Foofa!
While at the mall, I happened upon a Gymboree sale- the entire store was $12.99 and under! I got 2 dresses for $12.99 each and these 3 shirts for less than that! Some fit now and some are for next year. You can't beat $12.99 dresses at Gymboree! I also bought Abby blue jeans for the next 2 years at Crazy 8. They were $6.99 each!

We have a fun weekend planned with a big pancake breakfast on Saturday morning, pictures with family on Saturday afternoon, and two lunchtime parties to attend on Sunday!

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