June 30, 2011

Little Half Birthday Celebration

Because I love to celebrate most anything, I always wanted to do something special for Abby on her half-birthday. Yesterday morning, we sang happy half birthday to her and taught her to respond with "two and a half" when asked how old she is. She is so proud to add the half in there!

I had plans with friends last night for dinner, so Marcus planned her celebration and captured it all on his cell phone! Side note: I ordered a new purse camera- it is smaller, lighter and better! So, my current purse camera is now Marcus' truck camera. Yea!

He picked her up from school and she was happy to hear that they were going to the mall. We decided she could get a new Disney character for her half birthday.
This picture scares me. She loves the half naked Abercrombie guy. Remember this picture? She walked right in (likely to talk to him) and danced!
Arriving at Disney! I was pretty sure she would talk Daddy into more than one. Based on the picture on the left, she couldn't decide and threw her hands in the air- ha! In the end, she decided Mickey needed to join Daisy and come live with her.
Last night when I put her to bed, she had to get up and go potty and I told her to tell Mickey "I'll be right back" to discourage her from bringing him to the potty. Instead, she patted his head and said, "you stay here Mickey. Don't be scared. It'll be okay." Love it! I also called him Mick for short this morning and she told me, "Silly Mommy. He's not Mick, he's Mickey Mouse."

On the way to Starbuck's this morning, Abby asked if she could instead take Mickey to McDonald's. Her and Marcus go there instead of Starbucks on occasion- the playground and computers at our McD at empty on weekday mornings.
Apparently, two and a half is MUCH BIGGER than two, because she went down the slide with no hesitation for the first time after being scared for months. She put Mickey down the slide first and then told Marcus she was going to get him and down she went. And, went and went and went. Pretty cool!

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Mimi said...

Way to go Abby Lu!


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