June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day Dad!

Happy Father's Day Dad! Hopefully I will get to talk to him today- he is in the wilderness volunteering for the Parks & Wildlife for the summer. Their ability to reach the outside world isn't super reliable. I mailed his gift and it was mailed to a different state- the closest district office to the park they are at.

Let me tell you why I think my Dad is pretty darn special....

He always has taken an interest in what I am doing wanting to know more and often times listening as I walk through my rationale for making a particular choice, like a major in college or a boyfriend in high school.

He is a great cook- from man food on the grill to banana nut bread and plum jelly. He isn't afraid to wear an apron and whip up a meal.

He invested a lot of time and mileage in our school and community. We never missed a football game my 4 years of high school. I didn't play, cheer, or entertain at half time, yet we went and cheered for my classmates. My love of football comes from those days. My love for my Dad comes from those car rides.
He is proud of me- all the time. Telling him I was quitting my job was the talk I most dreaded because I know how proud he is that I graduated college; however, he was excited for me. I love that I'll be able to drive across town (they only travel in the summer!) and have lunch with him or Abby will get to pick up golf balls with Granpa on a random Tuesday afternoon. Spending time with my retired parents is another awesome part of my new job.

He is determined and disciplined. I need more of that!

And, seeing him as a Granpa is even better. He has a different voice and demeanor with Abby, Kyleigh and Cohen. I love seeing him relax and have fun with them. Abby will talk about riding the golf cart with Granpa for days after it actually occurs.

Happy Father's Day Dad! I love you!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the special Father's Day message. We think of you & the family all the time, sorry we don't have "modern" communication ! Love you too, dad (jaja too)


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