June 14, 2011

Our San Antonio Home

Without a doubt I can tell you my favorite hotel in all the world (as far as I know) is Westin La Cantera in San Antonio. One of the perks of my job is hotel points and I cash the majority of them in here. It is rustic, just the right size, has a great preferred guest lounge with drinks, breakfast, and snacks, and has the best pool and kids activities!

Rather than sleep on an air mattress at my Mom's house this weekend, we drove 45 minutes away to stay at La Cantera. We got there late afternoon, visited the candy buffet in the lounge, and headed to the pool! We ate dinner pool side and went back to our room about 8:30.
Abby loved being outdoors and showed us her many faces! After watching Marcus and Kyleigh go down the water slide a few times she went! Marcus held her and lifted her up to assure she didn't go under when they landed. She didn't love it, but after a little time, she went back for more! She also loved being in the kiddie pool where she could walk around, call for her friend Katy in the snoodles, and pour water on Momma!
We took Kyleigh to the hotel with us because she is such a little helper! Abby loves watching her, walking with her, and bossing her around :) We are working on that! Kyleigh toasted marshmallows for us at the smores pits- yummy! After dinner and swimming, while I put Abby to bed, Marcus and Kyleigh went back outside for the poolside showing of Gnomeo and Juliet.

We were up by 7 AM on Sunday- had breakfast in the lounge and went back to the pool for an hour before heading out to lunch with Aunt Vicki and Uncle Cecil.

We plan to make a trip back to La Cantera later this year- for relaxed reading and cool beverages at the adult only pool! It makes for a whole different experience!

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MikeandCharlsie said...

FUN!!! Our fav. San Antonio hotel is the Hyatt Hill Country (their buffet breakfast is to die for!!!!) But this La Cantera one sounds wonderful! What do you have to do to be a preferred customer...or is that a perk of your job?


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