June 06, 2011

Pancakes with Pals

We had a busy weekend filled with family and friends!

We missed our usual story time on Saturday morning to have pancakes with our church friends. I can not tell you how much richer these families have made our lives and our marriage. I know I can call on them for anything. They give me such wonderful parenting encouragement- by the actions of their children more than anything. I love having role models in parenting- we all need them!
Our church reorganization placed many of these families in different schedules and thus different classes, but on Saturday morning we all fellowshipped together. It reminded me why God placed us at Great Hills! They truly mean the world to me.
I just know these little girls will be taking pictures together for many years. I love that Abby's friends are children of our friends. She gets so excited knowing we are going to see them and loves giving hugs and kisses to her friends. These kids will become more important to Abby as she grows- we know their hearts, their morals, and their values. Isn't that what we all want in our kids friendships?

I'm grateful.

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Johnna said...

That picture of Abby and Natalie is SO VERY CUTE!


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