June 26, 2011

Date Night and Car Shopping

Friday night Marcus and I hired a babysitter to have a nice dinner with adult conversation and then catch a movie. Marcus loves comics and with both X-Men and Green Lantern in the theaters we were excited to splurge on a movie night.

We had dinner at a new restaurant in our area- it was good, but the wait was long and the place was packed. So, we ate quickly and paid our tab while still eating to rush to the movie. It was sold out- boo! So, we weighed our options, and ended up getting frozen yogurt.
We joked that I got the Abby special. We don't normally put nutty things in our yogurt when she is with us to make sure we can share with her. Since she wasn't with us, I had nutter butter yogurt with Reese's peanut butter cups and brownie bites. Delish!
When we were in Savannah, we had a Kia Soul for the week and surprisingly loved it! Marcus has been thinking about trading in his truck for a Soul. It is inexpensive, gets great gas mileage, has great safety ratings, and would be fun with all of the audio toys included in the car!
So, we went to the dealership and looked around. No real decisions to be made for a while- Marcus' car is tied into his job, so it would need corporate approval. He also has to decide if he wants to give up the big truck for a little car and take on the jokes that will come ;)

Abby had fun with Mary while we were gone. Saturday morning when she woke up, she called for Mary instead of Momma!

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