June 06, 2011

Mother's Day Photos

My Mom always wants pictures of her 3 grandkids when we are together and they never turn out right! We think about it at the end of a long day, when she doesn't have on makeup or when the kids are dirty from eating and playing. So, for Mother's Day, I made us an appointment to have pictures taken. I bought Kyleigh and Cohen blue outfits to match a dress my Mom had recently made Abby.
On Mother's Day, I told her the plan and she had 2 weeks to decide what to wear, get a pedicure, and come back for photos. Picture People did a great job and luckily all three kids did great as well. Mom loved so many of the pictures, she ended up buying more than what I gifted her. We also took a 3 generations photo of just Mom, Abby and I.
While waiting to view our pictures, we let the kids go crazy at the mall playground and carousel. They all wanted to ride the train and bungee jump, too! We did not do that... this time around.

Happy Mother's Day Mom! I hope you enjoy looking at your pictures for many years.

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