June 23, 2011

Swimming Updates

We have really enjoyed having a neighborhood pool this past month with the 100 plus degree temps each day. We like to go swimming on Friday night after dinner and again on Saturday and Sunday around dinner time. We are trying to preserve our fair child's skin by going in the off hours. It has also given us a fairly empty pool to enjoy!
Abby has made huge strides in her water abilities and confidence with the pool repetition. With her safety vest on, she walks in the kiddie area until it reaches her mouth, is able to dip her face in to blow bubbles (sometimes choking on water!), likes to float on her back, assisted, and spin round and round, jumps into our arms without us holding her the whole time, and with a noodle in her hands, practices swimming.

I can't imagine what she'll be able to do by September especially if we get our share of swimming during the week when I am home!

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