July 10, 2011

... And We're Off!

I was invited to see all the new and exciting things happening in Corpus Christi this past weekend. It is a perk of my job- when a city or a hotel wants my company's business, they often invite me to see their product first hand. This area of meeting planning can get out of hand very quickly, so I often decline. But, we had discussed taking Abby to the beach this summer and this weekend corresponded nicely.

We left our house on Friday morning before 9 AM and drove and drove and drove! We arrived in CC about 1 PM and went straight to lunch.
Abby did really well in the car- she played with her new dress up dolls and watched her favorite shows on the DVD player. She was so excited to be out of the car that going straight into a high chair threw her for a loop. She was the worst she has ever been over lunch!
We had lunch at Water Street Seafood Company. It is a long standing eatery in CC that we had visited before. There are cute little shops around it for picture taking and for crazy toddlers to run around! Note, I am throwing this shirt away. It looks awful on me- ugh!
We checked into the hotel and with great excitement headed to the beach. We had researched options and decided to visit McGee Beach- it is on the bay, 1 miles from our hotel and known for minimal sea weed and low waves. It was perfect for our needs. We rented 2 chairs, an umbrella and left Abby experience sand. The "fun" ended immediately. She HATED it. She wanted in her chair wrapped in her towel and then wanted all the sand off her!
Luckily, she warmed up to it after seeing three little boys playing in the sand. Marcus convinced her to try again and we ended up staying for well over an hour. She made sand castles with them, sat in the waves with Daddy, and ate a snack under the umbrella with me. I don't like the beach at all- this was all about her. I enjoyed watching and taking photos in my shaded chair and then rinsing off my shoes.
After the beach, we all took baths and got clean for our first scheduled activity with the city- a baseball game! More to come!
Side note... my favorite candy in all the world is Swedish Fish. I love them! I can't buy them very often, but did for the trip. We always try to pack snacks to save money and make wiser choices. I had bought Swedish Fish and Abby likes them, too! She called them "gooey fish". I couldn't sneak a single one without her calling out for them, too!

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